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Mini Golf Game With Magnetic Pieces

Create your own golf course, practice your swing and chip like a pro. Carefully set up your shot and aim for a hole-in-one, but beware of the bunker and trees... or your victory may slip away.

This desktop-sized game has everything you need to play a game of golf in the comfort of your home; Experience a relaxing golf day anytime and anywhere. 

Use the lever on the back of your golfer to control the power of your swing; Take your aim then launch, just like you're throwing darts. 

All of the landscape and hazard pieces in the Chip Shotz Golfer are magnetic, even the trees! Your shots with the magnetic ball are going to stick where they land. This makes it a bit easier to nail a hole-in-one after launching the ball over the trees. 

Arrange the pond, sand trap, and trees to create your own desktop golf course; Once you master that course, start over and make a new one; Design the ultimate course and challenge your friends and family!

EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Set 1 golfer, 3 golf balls, 2 trees, 1 bunker, and 1 flag stick. Once you’ve mastered the games provided, use the pieces to make your own! 

Recommended Age: 5+

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