Poppers - Includes 4 Foam Balls (Moose)

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INCLUDES: 1 Moose Poppers + 4 Foam Balls 

Dive into a world of magic with Popper! This isn't just any toy; it's a hand held fun that can shoot soft foam balls super far – up to 20 feet! If you're 4 years old or more, you're in for a treat with this fun game. You can play with it inside your house or take the fun outside. It's perfect for making any day special, whether you're giving it as a gift or playing with it at a party. Everyone who loves unicorns and fun games will want to play with this. Just load, squeeze, and watch the balls fly! Get ready for some serious fun with Poppers.

  • Shoots Far:
    Zing Poppers can send foam balls flying up to 20 feet! Perfect for awesome catch games, aiming contests, and lots of laughs with your family & kids.
  • Easy-Peasy to Use:
    Just pop a foam ball into the unicorn and squeeze away! The harder you squeeze, the faster and further it zooms. It’s so fun to see how far you can get the balls to go.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Fun:
    Play with these poppers inside your home or out in the yard. It’s the ultimate toy for fun times, no matter the weather.
  • Keep the Fun Going:
    Comes with 6 foam balls so the fun never has to pause. Want more? You can grab extra balls anytime. Mix and match with balls from other Zing Poppers for even more excitement.
  • Safe & Super Strong:
    Designed with safety in mind, the foam balls are soft and friendly. Plus, this unicorn is built tough to last through endless adventures.

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